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Aquarium plants healthy plant growth general guidelines.

Aquarium Plants General Rules For Their Growth Needs

Aquarium plants healthy plant growth.


This is what aquarium plants should look like when there is healthy growth.
Click on the photo for a closeup! Scroll down for requirements.

aquarium plant photo

You need;

(1) 11 - 12 hours minimum of light per day, 1-1.75 watts per gallon for low light, 1.75-2.5 watts for medium light, 2.5 to 3.5 and up for high light, if you have a fifteen gallon aquarium and 15 watt light bulb you have 1 watt per gallon.

(2) A CO2 source for the aquarium plants like gas or liquid, gas using a bottle of gas CO2 with a regulator (CO2 Regulator) that allows one to three bubbles per second to enter the aquarium, anything over 2.5 watts usually needs gas CO2, or Seachem Flourish Excel for 2.5 watts per gallon and under. To measure CO2 levels in your aquarium continuously this product works well, (CO2 Indicator)

(3) Substrate that is not too large to allow particles to compact in it, and not too small to block plant root growth (like sand), here is the best substrate for aquarium plants in my opinion, EcoComplete, seeding the substrate for aquarium plants that prefer root uptake like sword plants with laterite or nutrient balls like this;(Laterite Balls).

(4) A good all around fertilizer that provides all the nutrients not found in tap water like this; (Fertilizer).

(5) Water changes of 25% once per week using a dechlorinator for your tap water.

(6) good testing kits to check nitrates, PH, dGH, dKH, like Red Sea, (easiest) or Lamotte, (titration and more involved), general hardness (dGH) being in the 3 to 12 degree range, carbonate hardness (dKH) in the 3 to 10 degree range, for most fish, PH being 6.6 - 7.0 - 7.4 for again, most fish.

(7) Temperatures in the 74 to 84 degree range (higher temps require more nutrients for aquarium plants), digital thermometers make life easier, ), temperatures depending on the aquarium plants and fish you are stocking.

(8) And last of all but not least an appreciation of the beautiful planted aquarium you just created and will enjoy for many years to come!

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