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Excellent Information on many freshwater subjects!

Aquarium Information, articles;
For well researched and up to date Aquarium and pond information, articles, help, and resources, based on 30 years professional aquarium maintenance experience and research.

Fish Geeks   Great Information!

Tropical freshwater aquariums   Plant Database!

Killies.Com   Great Information on Killies and much planted aquarium info! Christmas Moss is found there as well.

WetWebMedia.Com   Great Information on aquarium plants.

AquaHobby   Equally Great Information! The Age Of Aquariums

Badmans Tropical Fish WWW.BADMANSTROPICALFISH.COM And More Great Information!

Aquarium Design Group   Stunning aquascapes and more!

The Planted Tank  Fantastic planted aquarium information!

The Minnesota Aquarium Society Great Articles and more!

The Minnesota Killie Keepers Association  Contact Information

Mongo Bay Biotopes and plant care, EXCELLENT!

The Goldfish Doctor ("A top quality, step-by-step guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of sick goldfish.")

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Tropical Fish Information
Designed for beginners, we have how-to guides, FAQs, articles, fish profiles, forums and more!

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