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  • 2 day is 11.84, next day is 39.65. These prices reflect the cost of the shipping method we use to insure beautiful plants. We ship only with the U.S. Postal Service. They are the only shipper that has climate controlled facilities to handle plants. We use a special nutrient solution that helps start the growth in your aquarium, we do not wrap them in wet newspaper all in one big tangle. We ship each species in individual containers that are clearly marked with names and where they should be planted. Each plant is carefully harvested, cleaned, trimmed and selected based on prime conditions. The finest plants are all selected by the grower for shipment and ready for planting in your aquarium when they arrive. There is no need to remove leaves or trim stems at the bottom of the plant as this is already done for you. Shipping includes tracking or delivery confirmation numbers for you, and insurance on any breakable equipment items like lighting. Some items are shipped by weight at our discretion, like substrate, lighting, fertilizer, pond plants, which may require additional funds. If this is the case we will notify you of the extra charge.
  • We offer plants, and merchandise to both retail customers and wholesalers like pet shops.
  • Shipping is done on different days of the week depending on when you place your order for aquatic plants, and sometimes on plant availability. (We want you to have the best of the plants available, we do not ship unacceptable plants to our cutomers) It does take some time to put plant orders and plant packages together however we know you will be pleased with the quality! You will receive an email the day your order ships. We provide tracking or delivery confirmation numbers for you to check your order online at on all shipped items and we will insure all lighting items at our expense. That way if a bulb breaks in transit we can replace it for you at no cost to you.
  • 2-3 day is perfectly acceptable for plants to travel to you without any adverse effects. We will replace any plants not in good condition. Simply send us the plant in question and we will send you a replacement (you will be sent a prepaid shipping label). This is however rare. We ship the highest quality plants, if we feel the weather is a factor we will notify you and make arrangements to insure your plants arrive in top condition. In the winter, if it is really cold we will sometimes hold the order. We double insulate during winter to provide maximum protection against the elements. We want our customers to have the best experience possible!
  • NEXT DAY SHIPPING (overnight) not necessary except in special situations like weather or locations where time in transit takes longer. 
  • We guarantee that you will receive your plants in perfect condition with any shipping method.  If there is ever a problem, which is extremely rare, you will be sent a prepaid shipping label to return the damaged items, and your plants will be replaced immediately.
  • The US POSTAL SERVICE is the only shipper that will deliver to a PO BOX
  • Aquarium equipment, fertilizer, and all non fish and plant items may need to be shipped separately. If this is the case, you will be notified of additional shipping charges.
  • If the plant you want is not in stock, we may substitute...we will do our very best to give a substitute that is satisfactory and we always give some free extra plants with any substitution. We will attempt to notify you if substitutions are needed.
  • We will only ship to the U.S. and Puerto Rico unless you request by email a special shipment to another country at which time we will determine if it is acceptable to ship to that country. We will not ship to Canada! Sorry, but we have had very unreliable shipping service on the Canadian side.
  • We will accomodate all special shipping instructions and requests from the customer. Note: We reserve the right to hold the order if weather conditions are extreme and would then notify you of this, we want your plants to arrive in excellent condition! We also reserve the right to charge extra shipping for large and/or heavy items like equipment, pond plant marginals, multiple package orders, etc.

    All sales are final when credit card funds or Pay Pal payments clear into our account. If your payment is refunded for any reason beyond our liability there will be a eight percent cancellation fee charged on the entire dollar amount.

  • Next day or 2-3 day does not mean that you receive your order the next day, or two to three days after you order. It means that that is how long it takes to get to you once your order is shipped. It is based on the ship date of the items based on our current inventory and your order specifics and orders placed ahead of yours.

For more information, please contact us.

Aquatic Scapes
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Telephone: 507-331-5801
Fax: 507-384-3146

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