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Aquarium Plants
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(1). Sears and Conlin Article

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Site Articles
(1). Algae Basics
(2). Controlling and measuring Macro nutrients in the planted aquarium (03-08-06)
(3). Substrate Heating in the Planted Aquarium (11-19-07)
(4). Algae forms
(5). Aquarium Water Changes (09-15-07)
(6). Aquarium Plants Water Chemistry Testing (12-20-07)
(7). Correct CO2 Chart (03-13-07)
(8). When to add plants to a new aquarium? (08-15-08 Cycling!)
(9). Beginners Guide to Setting Up A Planted Aquarium! (01-02-10)
(10). How to Grow Aquarium Plants (04-08-10)
(11). Proper Water Flow in the Planted Aquarium (03-16-11)
(12). Estimative Index Method of Fertilizing (The Evidence!) (12-07-11 NEW!)

(13). Estimative Index Method of Fertilizing (British Article) (01-19-12 NEW!)

(14). Stem Plant Planting Techniques and Trimming (04-19-12)

(15). Proper Lighting in the Planted Aquarium (04-09-13 NEW!)


Basic Aquarium Plant Care Information

(1). Basic Aquarium Plant Care on this site

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(2). What you need to keep your aquarium plants healthy

(3). Specific Aquarium Plant Care on this site

(4). What is Carbon Dioxide and why do I need it to grow plants?

(5). Planting Techniques: How to plant the different kinds of plants



(1). Aquascaping 101 By Birgit Freuwirth (Excellent Article!)
Or, how do I arrange the aquarium plants in my aquarium?


Aquarium Plants specifics and site info.

By other authors

(1).Go here for individual aquarium plants specifics. CLICK HERE A complete chart from Barrons.

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