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Aquarium Plants

Benefits of planted aquariums

Creating aquatic ecosystems in your home!

Aquatic ecosystems in nature are for the most part like uncharted territories. People are only able to observe them on the surface or perhaps a glimpse of life at the waters edge, but few have observed what goes on below the surface. While ocean environments are filmed and offered to the public in the form of television and zoos, underwater freshwater films, and freshwater planted aquariums in zoos are few and far between. Freshwater planted aquariums open ones eyes to that world and the sometimes rather complex and fascinating behaviors of it's inhabitants. By owning an aquarium and observing aquatic life people are connected with those ecosystems and understand how valuable they really are, and the need to protect them from pollution and destruction of habitat.

While one can only observe land animals for a short period of time in their natural environment, with an aquarium one can have a piece of nature right in their home complete with plants, fish, and invertebrates that they can observe anytime! And adding live plants to the mix turns your aquarium into living art, one that is ever changing and growing! Let's not forget the positive effects it has on it's owners. A random survey of 100 fish owners by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) found that people who own fish have lower blood pressure, suffer from stress less frequently, sleep better, have more success in romantic relationships, and missed fewer days of work than those who don’t own any finned friends. This is part of an article contained here; Benefits of Aquariums. Another good article is found here; More benefits. In conclusion, we are dedicated to your success with your live planted aquarium and provide the assistance and backup after you receive your aquarium plants to help insure that your planted aquarium is beautiful, and provides your family with positive experiences for years to come.
Don Matakis, Owner and Aquatic Grower & Senior Aquaculturist for Freshwater Aquarium Plants

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