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Aquarium Plants

A Note From The Owner


Don Matakis, Owner and Grower

Aquarium Plants
Our office aquascape.

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Our Philosophy and Guarantee.

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How we do it

Our Aquarium Plant Nursery. I have been growing aquarium plants since I was 11 years old. And I maintain several "enjoyment aquariums" in my house. I honestly wish I had time for "additions". The whole family enjoys them so much that they ask me from time to time why we can't have another one. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to take on more. Now a little about how we do it. There is more to growing aquarium plants than just "sticking them in the gravel". There is lighting, water chemistry, filter maintenance, pruning, propagation, fertilization, and many other factors to take into consideration. We offer a complete aquarium plant supplement to help you to give the plants everything they need!

aquarium plants, stems

Growing row in our facility


Our Growing Methods. We use tried and true methods in growing our aquarium plants. We optimize their health and beauty with "tricks of the trade" that we have learned over many years of experience. There are methods we use for algae control (elimination of), fertilization, and propagation that are unique in the overall planning and planting, only to us.

 aquarium plants, rosette

Eusteralis Stellata, an example of our premium growth aquarium plant supplement.


Our Philosophy.We are hobbyists first and foremost. What that means is that we are aquarium plant and tropical fish enthusiasts. We like sharing information with new hobbyists as well as more experienced aquarium plant hobbyists. We know that questions are an important part of the ordering process and we pride ourselves on being able to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. We get excited when one of our plants flowers! See the Rotalla Wallichi below. We know that once you get started in this hobby that you will get excited about having an aquarium that is not only functional for the fish, but beautifully planted as an underwater garden! There are few things in life as stunning as a well planted underwater garden in my humble opinion. I hope you enjoy your aquarium plants as much as we enjoy helping you to grow them!

aquarium plants, wallichi

Rotalla Wallichi, beautiful flowers!


In Conclusion. We are committed to offering you the premium aquarium plant supplement that we have perfected along with the advice on how to keep them beautiful. We would also like to receive pictures of your setup and to have you let us know how "things are growing". We know you will be "hooked for life" when you experience your own underwater garden.
Don Matakis, Owner and Aquatic Grower & Senior Aquaculturist for Freshwater Aquarium Plants


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