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Christmas Moss

Aquarium Plants
A Christmas Moss Wall.

Christmas Moss, a mystery?

Christmas Moss, a brand new exciting species!

I first came to hear about Christmas Moss roughly two years ago on an aquatic plant mailing list, the APD. It was in the possesion of Loh Kwek Leong who lives in Singapore. He graciously sent me some and also had posted on his old site information on how to build a moss wall in the aquarium. This moss has not been scientifically indexed to my knowledge, and reports of it coming from Taiwan to New Zealand are still unsubstantiated. What I do know is that it is an exciting alternative to Java Moss, will attach to not only driftwood but glass (we have some growing on our nursery tank glass sides) as well, and is beautiful! I am offering this moss for the first time anywhere commercially, but I only have limited quantities so it is on a first come first serve basis. Loh Kwek Leong has also graciously allowed me to use some of his photos as well as ours to show you what it looks like. Photo's are found here: Click Here
Loh Kwek Leong's how to build a moss wall page is here: Click Here
You can find it here under Specialty Plants: Click here to view Christmas Moss product

Christmas moss likes cooler temps so nothing above 78 degrees and will do well in low or high light. We have grown it in both hard and soft water, PH 6.6 to 7.5.


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