Aquarium Plants Profile: Limnophila aromatica

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 Grows to a height of 10 to 20 inches (up to 24in.) (MID to BACKGROUND)
 The width of each stem is about 2 inches, based on leaf growth
 Medium to high lighting (2.0 - 4 watts/gal)
 Optimum growth temperature is 72 to 82.4 degrees

There are several varieties of this plant. The variety grown by Tropica is said to come from Malaysia. It is characterised by its narrow green leaves, which are purple underneath. Like most other red plants, the colour depends on a supply of intensive light. CO2 addition promotes growth significantly, and it also thrives in hard water. Limnophila aromatica is easy to propagate by cuttings. (Excerpt From Tropica)

Limnophila aromatica is an somewhat easy to grow stem plant that will thrive in all aquariums. The plant typically grows to a height of 10 to 20 inches, although growth is slow and it is ideal for that reason in the mid-ground planting area. The width of each stem is about 2 inches, based on leaf growth.The leaf is narrow and oposing.

This plant does well in all water hardness conditions and most lighting situations. Optimum growth temperature is 72 to 82.4 degrees.

Limnophila aromatica requires medium to high lighting (2.0 - 4 watts/gal) to do well. If kept in medium-light tanks growth is slower. Plant in the substrate with enough spacing to allow light to lower levels of the plant.

Don's Notes:

My experience with this aquarium plant is that Limnophila aromatica is actually very easy to grow  and is one of my favorite mid-ground aquarium plants. This is a beautiful red and green plant with good light. Limnophlla aromatica does seem to do better in softer water with good CO2 and nutrient levels!

Limnophilla aromatica is found in Southeast Asia.


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