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Descriptive aquarium plant layout, You choose!
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Microsorium pteropus "Java Fern"




Anubias Nana




Echinodorus Barthi "Broadleaf amazon"




Echinodorus Ozelot "Red"




Sagittaria pusilla "Dwarf"




Sagittaria subulata




Vallisneria tSpiralis "Italian"




Cryptocoryne wendtii "Red"




Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green"




Cryptocoryne Lucens


Click here for plant descriptions. Database will open in a new window. Simply enter the number next to the plant name on this web page to view it's description in the Dennerle aquatic plant database. Or view the aquarium plants below!

Decoration: Driftwood and Rocks.

Includes 12 Substrate Gold Nutrient balls to be placed in each aquarium plant area!


Anubias barteri var. nana A 21 Anubias barteri var. nana

Dwarf Anubias
Tropical West-Africa. Cameroon.
Characteristics: Low growing, creeping plant. Height: 8 - 12 cm.
Growth rate: 8 - 1- leaves a year.
Propagation: Side shoots from the rhizome.
Special note: Will also grow well tied onto rocks or bogwood.

Microsorium pteropus H 20 Microsorium pteropus

Java Fern
South-East Asia
Characteristics: Dark green, irregular fronds up to 25 cm. Growth rate: Monthly 1 leaf.
Propagation: M 40 grows daughter plants from the rhizome and on the leaves.
Requirements: Undemanding.
Aquarium use: Attach the rhizome to bogwood or rocks using a Nylon thread until roots have taken hold.

Echinodorus Ozelot E 177 Echinodorus Red Ozelot Sword"

Cardinal form presumably Middle America
Characteristics: Like E 176 but the 4 - 8 uppermost leaves with distinctive brown spots. A compact, small growing plant. Height: Normally only 10-15cm. Growth rate: Monthly 1 - 2 leaves. Propagation: Adventitious plants on flower stem. Requirements: The more light, the more intensive the brown spots. Special note: Very valuable mutation.










Echinodorus bleheri E 141 Echinodorus bleheri "Broadleaf Amazon"

Former: Echinodorus paniculatus
Broad-leaf Amazon Sword
South America
Characteristics: Lanceolate leaves, up to 5 cm wide, borne on medium long petioles. Height: Up to 50 cm. Growth rate: Weekly 1 leaf. Well established plants can have up to 50 leaves. Propagation: Grows very frequently adventitious plant on flower stem. Requirements: Undemanding. Special note: One of the most popular solitaire plants.

Sagittaria pusilla  S 30 Sagittaria pusilla "Dwarf"

Dwarf Sagittaria
Middle America
Characteristics: Rosette plant with approx. 6 mm wide and 20 cm long leaves. Carpet forming.
Height: 10-15 cm. Growth rate: Monthly 2 - 3 leaves and approx. 1 runner.

 Sagittaria subulata S 35 Sagittaria subulata

Needle Sagittaria
North and Middle America
Characteristics: Rosette plant with approx. 6 mm wide and 30-40 cm long leaves.
Height: Up to 40 cm.
Growth rate: Monthly approx 2-3 leaves and 1 runner. Carpet forming.
Requirements: Undemanding. Disturb as little as possible.








Vallisneria tortifolia V 40 Vallisneria spiralis "italian"

Straight Vallisneria
Tropical cosmopolitan
Characteristics: Green, straplike leaves, up to 1 metre long. Growth rate: Monthly approx.2 leaves.
Propagation: By runners, which are produced in abundance.
Requirements: Undemanding.
Special note: The correct name is probably Valisneria natans.

Cryptocoryne wendtii  C 421 Cryptocoryne wendtii "Red"

Red Wendtii
Characteristics: Leaves mostly reddish brown; firm and rigid. Height: 10 - 15 cm. Growth rate: Monthly 1 - 2 leaves. Propagation: Runners. Requirements: Undemanding.

Cryptocoryne wendtii  C406 Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green"

Long stemmed Wendtii
Characteristics: Colour of leaves light-green with brown flames. Leaves acute with wavy margins. Height: 15 - 25 cm. Growth rate: Monthly 1 - 2 leaves. Propagation: Runners.

Cryptocoryne lutea C 321 Cryptocoryne lucens

Sri Lanka
Characteristics: Narrow, firm and leathery leaves. Height: 10 - 20 cm. Growth rate: Monthly 1 leaf. Propagation: Runners. Requirements: Thrives, like many Cryptocorynes, in clean, fresh water filtered with long standing, dirty filters.